Chapter 3 Season 3 Starter Pack available now

The new Rogue Alias Starter Pack is now available in the Item Shop for $3.99 USD.

Official description: "Irresistible charm. Undeniable power. Go undercover with the Rogue Alias pack."

This is the third Starter Pack of Chapter 3, and will provide anyone who purchases it with 600 V-Bucks, the Min-joon Outfit, The Alpha Cylinder Back Bling and Tactical Geoms Pickaxe. Unlike the Season 2 Starter Pack, the Rogue Alias Set does not contain a wrap.

To collect the set, simply head to the Item Shop tab in Fortnite and navigate your way to the 'Special Offers & Bundles' section. The cosmetics are expected to remain available until early September. We'll keep you updated.

In other news, the Dragon Rune Lance Pickaxe has been disabled in all modes, including Creative and Save the World. (click to read)

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