Chapter 4 Season 4: Week 3 Quests Available Now

Week 3 of Chapter 4 Season 4 has officially begun and a new set of Quests are now available to complete.

Week 3 Quests

  • Burst through a closed door at different named locations (3)
  • Hit an opponent within 10 seconds of hiding in a bush (1)
  • Travel distance in the air using items (750)
  • Accept a Job at a Job Board in different matches (5)
  • Deal damage to opponents from behind with SMGs or Assault Rifles (300)
  • Assist in defeating bosses (3)
  • Hit an enemy player with a Rocket Ram ground crash (1)

Season 4's Weekly Quests will reward players with the following XP:

  • Quest 1 - 15,000 XP per stage
  • Quest 2 - 24,000 XP per stage
  • Quest 3 - 35,000 XP per stage
  • Weekly Trial - 1 Level-Up Token

Completing all of the Week 3 Quests will reward you with 148,000 XP and one Level-Up Token. All Weekly Quests will remain available until the end of Chapter 4, Season 4.

In other news, Fortnite has revealed the new 'J Balvin Redux' set. Click here to read more.

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