Eren Jaeger Quests Available Now

Following the v24.20 update earlier this week, Fortnite has released the new Eren Jaeger Quests, which will reward players with the character and matching set once completed.

Eren Jaeger Quests

Players who complete all eight Quests will unlock the full Eren Jaeger set, including the Outfit.

  • Search Scout Regiment Footlockers (3)
  • Swing from 3 different trees in a row using ODM Gear (1)
  • Visit Guard Towers (5)
  • Hit the nape of different Titan Targets with ODM Gear attacks (4)
  • Hit opponents with ODM Gear attacks or a Thunder Spear (7)
  • Destroy structures with a Thunder Spear (50)
  • Damage opponents while airborne (300)
  • Find the Jaeger's Family Basement in Anvil Square (1)

Exclusive to Battle Pass owners, the Eren Jaeger Quests will remain available until the end of Season 2.

In other news, Fortnite's rarest Outfit is returning to the Item Shop soon. Click here to read more.

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