Fall Skirmish - Week 2 Format

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Week 2 of the Fall Skirmish competition is already upon us. Here are the details for the 'Royale Flush' format and 'Spin and Win' trials:

Royale Flush (Week 2 Format)

The player with the most points at the end of 6 matches wins. Victory  Royales and Eliminations will be scored to determine placement at the  end of the event. The top 20 players at the end of the competition will  be awarded.

Victory Royale: +3 Points
2nd-3rd Place: +2 Points
4th-5th Place: +1 Point
7+ Eliminations: +3 Points
5-6 Eliminations: +2 Points
3-4 Eliminations: +1 Point

Victory Royale and 7+ Eliminations: +2 Point and $10,000
Most Eliminations in a Single Match: $25,000

Spin and Win (Week 2 Trial)

A wheel full of exciting and varied challenges awaits.  At scheduled  times, the wheel will be spun and Clubs will be issued a challenge to  complete based on where it lands.  Each challenge presents a new  opportunity to win Club points and prizes.

Current Standings

For those who haven't been keeping up, here are the current standings for each group: