Fortnite announces new limited-edition Batman Comic, available October 26

Following the first series of Fortnite x Batman comics released earlier this year, a brand-new 'Batman/Fortnite: Foundation' comic has been announced.

The new comic will follow the story of The Foundation after last being seen at the end of the Chapter 2, Season 8 Story Trailer. "You may remember The Foundation at the bottom of the ocean, activating after a long slumber. But this ocean was not the Island’s. The Foundation has found himself in Gotham Harbor, and in Gotham he detects energy from the Zero Point."

The 'Batman/Fortnite: Foundation' comic will be available to purchase in stores from October 26, 2021, with each purchase providing a redeemable code for the new 'The Batman Who Laughs' Outfit.

The main comic cover (via Epic Games)

The new 'The Batman Who Laughs' Outfit, which belongs to the new Dark Multiverse Set, will be available to purchase through the in-game Item Shop on October 25 at 8PM ET.

Image via Epic Games

As well as the new Batman Outfit, the new Dark Multiverse Set also contains a Back Bling, Glider, Harvesting Tool and Loading Screen, with the Back Bling and Loading screen included with the redeemable code from the comic.

The Dark Days Loading Screen (via Epic Games)

The new 'Batman/Fortnite: Foundation' comic also has two limited variant covers for collectors, with one created by Epic Games Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard.

Donald Mustard's variant cover (via Epic Games)
Alex Garner's variant cover (via Epic Games)

Codes for the new Batman Outfit that can be obtained with the new comic will expire on November 12, 2025.

We'll keep you updated as more information is revealed about the comic and the story behind The Foundation.

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