Fortnite Battle Royale v29.20 Hotfix - Avatar Arrives

Elements starts now with the Battle Royale v29.20 Apr 12 hotfix, bringing new bending techniques from the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender to Fortnite. Elements runs until May 3, 2024, at 2 AM ET.

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The Elements Pass has a free reward track and a Premium Reward Track upgrade. With the free reward track, unlock Avatar: The Last Airbender rewards like the Dramyin Guitar and Sokka’s Space Sword Pickaxe. The Premium Reward Track is an extra layer of rewards you can unlock at the same rate as the free reward track. Upon purchasing this upgrade, you’ll automatically unlock the Aang Outfit!

Add one of these techniques to your inventory to learn powerful abilities:

  • Waterbending: Give your opponents the cold shoulder by hurling sharp, icy projectiles! Also, with this technique in your inventory, your Health will steadily restore up to 100 while you’re in water.
  • Earthbending: Summon chunks of earth to hurl at foes or use them to create defensive barriers.
  • Firebending: Produce flames to launch arcs of fire towards foes, or slam down from above in a fiery explosion.
  • Airbending: Harness the air around you to enhance your mobility. Use “air wheel” to traverse great distances, or “air jump” to launch yourself and nearby players into the air.

Water, earth, fire, and air shrines have appeared across the Island. Head inside one and open its Bending Scroll Container to wield that shrine’s associated bending technique! You can also pick up each technique from the ground or Chests.

To accommodate the new bending techniques, Olympian Powers have been vaulted until the end of Elements.

Upgrading to the Premium Reward Track allows you to earn 11 more rewards without having to complete any additional Quests. Just by purchasing this upgrade, you’ll automatically unlock the Aang Outfit!

The Premium Reward Track adds unlockable rewards such as the Air Nomad Staff Pickaxe, Momo Messenger Back Bling, and Elemental Cycle Spray. The final reward of the Premium Track is empowered by all four physical elements: the Avatar State Aang Outfit! Just like regular Aang, this Outfit has a Fortnite Style and a LEGO Style.

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