Fortnite Battle Royale v30.00 Hotfix Adds New Tri-Beam Laser Rifle

Fortnite has released the first hotfix of Battle Royale Season 30, Chapter 5 Season 3, introducing the new Fallout-inspired Tri-Beam Laser Rifle.

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Tri-Beam Laser Rifle

The new Tri-Beam Laser Rifle can now be found in all loot pools, available from Chests, Drones, Supply Drops and as floor loot in-game. Dealing 39 damage, and 59 to the head, the weapon is similar to existing laser rifles we've seen in the past.

This week's hotfix didn't make any additional changes to Battle Royale, but this is expected to change next week, with the release of version 30.10. We'll keep you updated.

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