Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 - Competitive Update

A Battle Royale between myths and mortals has arrived on the Island in Chapter 5 Season 2! As this new Season begins, prepare for the upcoming 2024 FNCS Major 2 Open Qualifiers and other tournaments like Ranked Cups, Mix-Up Mondays, Cash Cups, and more.

Ranked and Tournaments

Chapter 5 Season 2 Ranked starts now and your rank, among other factors, will be an eligibility requirement for Epic-hosted tournaments. These include tournaments for cosmetic prizes like FNCS Community Cups and cash-prized tournaments such as the Console Cash Cup.

Rank Reset

Everyone's rank has been reset in Chapter 5 Season 2 to provide a fresh start for all players. Drop in now and play one Ranked match to have your rank revealed (one match per Battle Royale and Zero Build).

Chapter 5 Season 2 Tournaments

2024 FNCS Major 2

2024 FNCS Major 2 kicks off during Chapter 5 Season 2! Grab your Duos partner and prepare for the Open Qualifiers happening from April 12 to April 21.

Ranked Cups

In Chapter 5 Season 2’s Ranked Cups, players will have the opportunity to play Solo, Duos, or Squads against other competitors of the same rank pool, in both Battle Royale and Zero Build. For the Duos and Squads competitions, we are opening up the option to queue as a Solo Fill player so you can be matchmade with other Solo Fill players.

Play at least six matches in any Ranked Cup to earn the Bolt of Light Loading Screen. Earn at least 25 points to earn the Chain of Stars Loading Screen, 50 points to earn the Constellation’s Wings Loading Screen, and 75 points to earn the Pantheon Ranker Glider! This Glider will reflect the rank of the Ranked Cup you participated in at the time, so as you Rank up, you will need to play another Ranked Cup to upgrade your Glider to your current Rank.

Solo Ranked Cups

  • April 4: Solo Ranked Cup #1 (ME)
  • April 5: Solo Ranked Cup #1 (OCE, ASIA, EU, BR, NA)
  • April 25: Solo Ranked Cup #2 (ME)
  • April 26: Solo Ranked Cup #2 (OCE, ASIA, EU, BR, NA)
  • May 16: Solo Ranked Cup #3 (ME)
  • May 17: Solo Ranked Cup #3 (OCE, ASIA, EU, BR, NA)

Duos Ranked Cups

  • April 5: Duos Ranked Cup #1 (ME)
  • April 6: Duos Ranked Cup #1 (OCE, ASIA, EU, BR, NA)
  • April 26: Duos Ranked Cup #2 (ME)
  • April 27: Duos Ranked Cup #2 (OCE, ASIA, EU, BR, NA)
  • May 17: Duos Ranked Cup #3 (ME)
  • May 18: Duos Ranked Cup #3 (OCE, ASIA, EU, BR, NA)

Squads Ranked Cups

  • April 6: Squads Ranked Cup #1 (ME)
  • April 7: Squads Ranked Cup #1 (OCE, ASIA, EU, BR, NA)
  • April 27: Squads Ranked Cup #2 (ME)
  • April 28: Squads Ranked Cup #2 (OCE, ASIA, EU, BR, NA)
  • May 18: Squads Ranked Cup #3 (ME)
  • May 19: Squads Ranked Cup #3 (OCE, ASIA, EU, BR, NA)

Mix-Up Mondays

Make Monday a day to look forward to! Mix-Up Mondays offer a weekly dose of excitement — with the scoring, formats, and goals shaking up each week. Drop in every Monday and showcase your skills.

Cash Cups

Battle Royale Duos Cash Cups are back for this Season! Team up with your Duos partner in these Cups and engage in two rounds of intense Battle Royale competition. Stay updated on the Duos Cash Cups schedule in the "Compete" tab in-game.

To participate in the Cash Cups, you must be at least Gold I rank in Ranked Battle Royale.

Victory Cash Cups

Victory Cash Cups await in Battle Royale Chapter 5 Season 2 for Solo Battle Royale and Duos Zero Build. After qualifying for Round 2, you’ll earn a cash prize with every Victory Royale obtained during that round!

You can find the schedule for Victory Cash Cups in the “Compete” tab in-game. Victory Cash Cups will require you to be at least Gold I in Ranked Battle Royale or Ranked Zero Build (depending on whether you’re competing in the Solo Victory Cash Cup or Duos Zero Build Victory Cash Cup).

Console Cash Cup

Console players! In Chapter 5 Season 2, call your Duos partner and drop into up to four Duos Console Cash Cups. These Duos Console Cash Cups will only be available for players competing on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The Cups will be in a two-round format —  qualify for Round 2 for an opportunity to earn cash prizes!

The Console Cash Cup will be a Battle Royale competition, and the rank requirement will be at least Platinum I in Ranked Battle Royale.

Source: Epic Games

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