Fortnite Chapter 5: What to Finish Before Season 2

With less than two weeks remaining until Season 2 of Chapter 5, here's everything players should complete in-game whilst they still can.

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Season 1 Battle Pass

As is the case with every season, the current Battle Pass will no longer be available once Season 1 ends. Players must reach Level 100 to unlock every cosmetic from the first 14 pages of the pass, then Level 200 to obtain the Bonus Rewards.

Interstellar Aerial Quest Pack

Players who purchased the Interstellar Aerial Quest Pack from the Item Shop are reminded to complete the special in-game Quests before the end of the Season.

Solid Snake Quests

Owners of the Chapter 5 Season 1 Battle Pass are also reminded to complete the Solid Snake Quests before the next Season. Upon completion, these Quests will reward you with the full Solid Snake set. Once Season 1 ends, the set will become unobtainable and will never return in the future.

Quest Rewards

Battle Pass owners should also complete enough weekly Quests to unlock this Season's Quest Rewards. The bonus cosmetics include Emotes, Gliders and Styles for Outfits from the pass. Like the rest of the Battle Pass, these rewards will not return once Season 1 ends.

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