Fortnite Festival: The Weeknd Concert Announced, Trailer Revealed

Canadian singer-songwriter The Weeknd has officially announced his collaboration with Fortnite for the upcoming 'Festival' mode.

Watch the full trailer below:

The 'Fortnite Festival' playlist will become available on December 9th, following the release of LEGO on the 7th, and Rocket Racing on the 8th. The new mode will see players experiencing a musical rhythm-style game in Fortnite, with free cosmetics to be earned for Levelling up.

The Festival experience will have a Level system that works separately from Battle Royale and Fortnite's other modes. Players will still gain XP for completing Quests and playing, but this XP will not count towards the Battle Pass of the core game. Instead, XP earnt in the Festival will count towards the progression of the Festival Pass. Like Fortnite's previous 'mini' passes, which saw collaborations with Dragon Ball, Star Wars, and Jujutsu Kaisen, players will be able to purchase access to a 'Premium' rewards track. This Premium track will grant access to double the amount of cosmetics, including an 'After Hours' version of The Weeknd himself as an Outfit.

Image via PeQu, X

Cosmetics earnt in the mode will include Auras - a new type of cosmetic that can only be used in the Festival mode - and classic items like Emotes and Outfits. Classic cosmetics can still be used in the Battle Royale and Rocket Racing modes.

More official information will become available once the mode releases on December 9. Season 1 of Fortnite Festival will exclusively feature The Weeknd.

In other news, Epic Games has officially announced LEGO Fortnite - a new Open World experience. Click here to read more.

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