Fortnite Fracture: Chapter 4 Island Created

Fortnite's Chapter 3 finale event has finally happened, destroying the Island and using the remaining pieces to give us a brand new one.

The event opened with a cinematic that showed The Herald consuming the entire Chapter 3 Island in Chrome, then destroying it completely. The Zero Point then grabbed chunks of the Island that were floating around it in deep space to reforge the map. It was the player's mission to collect "Zero Fragments" which would be used to give the Zero Point power. After 40 minutes, the Zero Point was restored and The Paradigm initiated "Zero Fusion". This process pulled parts of Islands from multiple different realities towards the Zero Point, which were then merged with the rest.

The event ended with another cinematic showing the Zero Fusion process happening. Players were left watching the Chapter 4 Island from a distance until downtime ends.

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