Fortnite MEGA: First Teasers Revealed

Fortnite has decrypted the first Season 2 teasers earlier than expected, giving us our first look at the season's title.

Teaser #1

The teasers were decrypted from the files along with a new Twitter Hashflag, which has revealed the Season 2 title - 'MEGA'. The #FortniteMEGA, #GoToMEGA and #FortniteChapter2Season2 hashtags are now live on the platform, and display a small icon when used. The 'Chapter2Season2' tag appears to be an error from Twitter, since the icon's URL is correctly named as Chapter 4.

Teaser #2

The Japanese text featured in the second teaser, which roughly translates to 'The Street', confirms the leaked theme of 'Futuristic Neo-Tokyo'. The mysterious number sequence seen on the bottom of the same teaser is linked to the in-game Cipher Quests, and can be decoded to the word 'CIPHER'.

Both teasers are actually posters that can be viewed in-game by completing the Cipher Quests, which will remain available until the end of the season.

In other news, a new Fortnite x Star Wars event is coming soon. Click here to read more.

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