Fortnite Patch v22.10: What to Expect

The first major update of Chapter 3 Season 4 is scheduled to be released tomorrow, on October 4th. Here's everything we expect to happen in v22.10.

Cobra DMR

The new Cobra DMR weapon, which was teased in SypherPK's Icon Series trailer, is expected to be added in the v22.10 update. Following the introduction of this weapon, the standard DMR will most likely be vaulted. The Cobra DMR's stats are as follows (via HYPEX):

  • Damage: 32/33/35/37/39/40 (common - mythic)
  • Magazine size: 20
  • Reload time: 3.5 seconds
  • Fire rate: 4

Boogie Bombs Vaulted

As confirmed by Fortnite's official status page on Twitter, Boogie Bombs will be vaulted from all playlists in the v22.10 update.

Battle Pass Bonus Rewards

New Battle Pass bonus rewards are also expected to be added in Fortnite's v22.10 update. Following bonus rewards added in previous seasons, it's likely that Season 4's will just be new colour styles for the existing Outfits, excluding Spider-Gwen.

Bonus Rewards for Chapter 3 Season 3's Battle Pass

Bug Fixes

The following bugs are confirmed to be fixed in tomorrow's patch, according to the official Fortnite Trello page.

Battle Royale

  • Hair clipping through headwear on several Outfits
  • Storm notifications may appear lower than normal
  • Some trees under the Chrome effect look angular
  • Sliding can cause flashing colours to appear while pointing the camera downwards
  • Phasing through Chrome areas at Herald's Sanctum can cause players to get stuck
  • VFX can persist after being eliminated in the vortex


  • Items spawned via the Item Placer are not counted by the Player Tracker

Save the World

  • Trap tiles may not disable when building over them

Mobile & Cloud Gaming

  • The 'Reset to last saved position' button in the HUD Layout tool does not return all buttons to the last saved position
  • The keyboard may not pop up for some GeForce NOW players on iOS

As always, we'll be sharing the official patch notes once they go live after the update.

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