Fortnite to return on iOS through GeForce Now, closed beta launching next week

In a surprising announcement, Nvidia has revealed that Fortnite will be available to play on both iOS and Android devices through the GeForce Now service.

The beta is currently open for registration to all GeForce Now members who will be admitted to the beta in groups over the coming weeks. A paid GeForce Now membership is not required to take part in the beta, however, those who do upgrade will receive priority access to gaming servers. The system will work through the Safari application, Apple's web browser, on iOS devices and through the GeForce Now Android app.

Fortnite is the first game to be introduced to GeForce Now with the ability to use touch controls, something that Nvidia will be introducing to more games in the future. The game hasn't been available to play on iOS or most Android devices after the 'Free Fortnite' events, and lawsuits, of 2020. If the service works, it will likely bring back a large amount of players to Fortnite that were lost during the legal battles.

Source: Nvidia (via @Nibellion)

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