Fortnite v22.00 Hotfix - Ranger Shotgun Unvaulted

Fortnite has released the latest hotfix for v22.00, reintroducing the Ranger Shotgun to Battle Royale, Zero Build and competitive playlists.

Ranger Shotgun

The Ranger Shotgun makes an unexpected return to Fortnite for a limited time. Available in all rarities, the Shotgun remains unchanged compared to its last appearance in the loot pool.

The Shotgun can be found in Chests, Supply Drops, Loot Sharks and as floor loot.

Birthday Celebrations End

Fortnite's 5th birthday celebrations have come to an end. With this, the following party-themed items have been vaulted:

  • Balloons
  • Pizza Party
  • Birthday Presents
  • Firework Flare Gun
  • Birthday Cake Slices

The 5th Birthday challenges have also been removed from the Quests tab in-game, making the rewards no longer unlockable.

In other news, Fortnite has revealed the October 2022 Crew Pack. Click here to read more.

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