J Balvin joins The Fortnite Icon Series

Colombian performer J Balvin will be getting his own Icon Series Set in Fortnite, following his 2020 Party Royale shows.

The new J Balvin Set contains the J Balvin Outfit, along with the 'In Da Party' Emote, 'Balvin Cruiser' Glider, 'Real' Back Bling and 'Real' Harvesting Tool. The Outfit comes with three different edit styles; The 'Energia Balvin' Style, 'Skeleton Balvin' Style and the default look.

The J Balvin Outfit includes the J Balvin Air Jordan 1s

The 'In Da Party' Emote features music from "In Da Getto" by J Balvin and Skrillex.

Video of the new 'In Da Party' Emote in action

The J Balvin Set will be available to purchase separately or through the new J Balvin Bundle on August 26th, 2021.

The J Balvin Cup

As ab alternative to purchasing the J Balvin Outfit, players can earn it for free by competing in the new J Balvin Cup. The tournament will take place on August 24th, 2021 and will he held for three hours.

Players can compete in a maximum of ten matches during the three-hour time window, with the top-performing Duos from each region earning the J Balvin Outfit, 'Real' Back Bling and 'Real' Harvesting Tool before it becomes available to everyone else through the in-game Item Shop.

For the full details and rules for The J Balvin Cup, click here.

J Balvin's "La Familia” Experience

As well as an introduction of new cosmetics and a brand new cup, a new Creative Map inspired by J Balvin will also be coming to Fortnite.

The new “La Familia” Experience Map will be available for players to try through Creative's featured modes from August 24th to August 31st, 2021.

The “La Familia” Experience is created by community member Iscariote

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