Leak: Epic Games working on Car Racing Mode for Fortnite

Fortnite is reportedly getting a new car racing gamemode later this year, according to new information from data miners.

Codenamed 'DelMar', the new mode is set to be listed as both competitive and casual playlists, with player rankings split into 18 Division levels. It's currently unknown how the new ranking system will work, but leakers say a "leaderboard might exist". Like the Impostors mode, which was vaulted last year, the new racing game will be made by Epic and is expected to become one of Fortnite's main modes alongside Battle Royale, Party Royale, Save the World and Creative. A Garage tab is also expected to be added to the main menu once the game releases, allowing players to customise their vehicle directly from the lobby screen.

Data miners claim the mode should be released "within 5 months or less". As is the case with all leaks, the details shared today could change before an official announcement. We'll keep you updated.

Sources: Krowe_moh, iFireMonkey

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