Leak: In-Game Footage of Upcoming Fortnite Season 7 Polar Peak Event

Data-miner and prominent Fortnite leaker @Lucas7Yoshi_ has uploaded in-game footage from the upcoming Season 7 Polar Peak event. The event, codenamed "Mooney" in the update files, is expected to include the current floating ice sphere above the Polar Peak point-of-interest in-game.

In the v7.20 update, leaks have found multiple files pertaining to the event - which include the sphere breaking apart, along with challenges for a possible in-game boss battle against an "Ice Legion". You can view the footage below, which has huge Season 7 spoilers, so watch at your own discretion.

The footage, Lucas told us, is only one stage of the event - so this isn't everything. The video includes a floating Ice King inside the Ice Sphere above Polar Peak, channeling something. This fits with the animations that were leaked previously.

Lucas told us to share this quote:

No hacking to the game itself was done to achieve this, no competitive advantage was gained.  
This does not violate the Fortnite/Epic Games TOS.

Many thanks to @Lucas7Yoshi_ for sending us this footage!