New Fortnite Football Club Icon Series Outfits Leaked

New 'Fortnite Football Club' versions of existing Outfits are coming to the game soon, leakers revealed on Sunday.

According to an anonymous inside source, the new FFC (Fortnite Football Club) Outfits will be based on four existing members of the Icon Series. Neymar, Grefg, Chloe Kim and LeBron James are all part of the new set and will all be arriving in the Item Shop with a new look very soon.

Images via ImPeQu (Twitter)

So far, the source has leaked the new LeBron James and Chloe Kim Outfits, but has left Grefg's and Neymar's a surprise.

Image via Sweazyleaks (Twitter)

Fortnite content creator Grefg, who originally joined the Icon Series in January last year, will officially reveal his Outfit in a live Twitch broadcast tomorrow, on November 30, 2022.

A release date and reveal of the full set is expected to follow shortly after tomorrow's stream.
As always, we'll keep you updated.

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