Ninja Finally Gets His Fortnite Skin

After years of asking Epic Games for a custom Fortnite skin, it seems that the day has come where Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has finally gotten his wish. In recent leaks, a Ninja set has been revealed showing off a back bling, emote, pickaxes, and then a skin with 4 different styles.

Ninja's skin will have a mask variant, a raven variant and a reactive style for the Raven alternative. The news comes after years of a running joke on Blevins' channel where he would ask Epic Games for his own Fortnite skin as a reward for his loyalty and dedication to the game and helping get it to where it is today.

It's unknown when or how this skin will be available, but as it has been decrypted it's expected to drop imminently in the Item Shop or the in-game Store.