Patch Notes for Fortnite v11.10 - Fortnitemares

Update: We've added a list of addressed issues from Fortnite's trello board, scroll down to see them.

Epic has just released the first "patch notes" of Chapter 2, Season 1 for today's v11.10 update and Fortnitemares has come to the new Battle Royale island for 2019.

Unfortunately, there isn't much we didn't already know and it doesn't seem like Epic are diving into specific changes with Chapter 2. There's no indication whether we'll see a proper set of listed patch notes like we used to.

If you haven't seen them yet, a bunch of new cosmetics were added to the game files with this patch and we should see them in the Item Shop soon enough.

Here's everything you need to know:

An ancient evil has awakened on the new Island, returning the world of Fortnite to darkness.

Fortnitemares is back.

Even in a new world, you can’t hide from your nightmares… Fortnitemares returns with a vengeance. Nightmarish Outfits have taken over the Item Shop:
  • Soccer Zombie Outfits: Don’t worry — you won’t break off your limbs while breaking a sweat.
  • The Storm King Fist Pickaxe: The vain Storm King created this Pickaxe in his own honor. 
  • The Cryptic Curse Bundle: An ethereal aesthetic. Get the the Wrath Outfit and Time Keeper Back Bling instantly and complete Challenges to unlock style options!

Want more fright in your life? Be sure to investigate The Final Reckoning Pack, which includes the mortifying Catrina Outfit, the Mourning Glory Back Bling, the eerie Willow Outfit, Dolly Back Bling, the ominous Blacklight Outfit, and Indigo Wings Back Bling

THE STORM KING CHALLENGES YOU. Squad up with you Friends and face him in the Storm King LTM to stop him from destroying the Island! (Your courage and skill will be rewarded with a special Umbrella.)


Fortnitemares has more in store. Sink your teeth into the community-made game Gun Fright, created by community developer BluDrive!

Partner up in this 2v2 showdown and drop into the middle of a fast-paced firefight. Your skill and communication will be tested over multiple rounds. 


Confront your fears in The Combine.

The management at Kevolution Energy brought back The Combine to determine which employees are worth keeping. 

However, The Combine isn’t the same as it was before — an ancient evil has given it a nightmarish feel. Jump in to compete for the fastest time on the leaderboard!


Don’t let the name game throw off your party’s game.

Partying up with Friends is much easier when you can find them. No matter what your Friends’ Account name is or how often they change it, you can now assign them a Nickname of your choice!

Nicknames you set are only visible to you.

Issues Addressed

Battle Royale
Mission Challenges incorrectly display 14,000 XP.

Controller input not working properly for Friends search.

Players  with “Auto Pick Up Weapon” enabled can automatically pick up the  Bandage Bazooka even if only one inventory slot is available.

Pickaxing player-built structures falsely indicated that it gives materials.

Editing a style in the Locker after making an Item Shop purchase may cause controller controls to lock.

DBNO teammates cannot be revived or picked up if they’re in contact with corn stalks.

Explosive objects don’t have a Visualize Sound Effect indicator.

Not receiving credit for the Gunk Ops Achievement.

Storm appears to cover entire map before its ‘Delay Time’ is over.

Save the World
Sporadic crashes when reaching the Victory Screen.

Event mission can disappear when dragging map around.

Bonus Elimination objective audio loops in Survive the Night.

Players who are PL76 and PL77 will have difficulty accessing the Survive the Night mission.

Edit build mode menu displayed.

Push-to-Talk icon disappears when team is eliminated.

Dire Human Outfit hair.

Editing in a 1x1.

SOURCE: Epic Games