Patch Notes for Fortnite v26.20 - Jedi Training Lightsaber, New Augments and more

In v26.20, Ahsoka Tano appears on the Battle Royale Island in hologram form, awaiting to train you in the ways of the Jedi. Accept her offer to train you to proceed into a rift, then return to the Island wielding the white Jedi Training Lightsaber! With this lightsaber equipped, use the Force abilities that Ahsoka taught you.

Force Abilities

When you encounter a hologram of Ahsoka Tano on the Island, speak to her and accept her offer to train you. You’ll then enter a rift, and exit with a Jedi Training Lightsaber and knowledge of Force abilities! These Force abilities can only be used if you went through Ahsoka’s training and are actively wielding a Jedi Training Lightsaber. Your knowledge of these abilities will last until the end of the match.

The Jedi Training Lightsaber: the weapon of a Jedi trainee, wielded by those who have chosen to embrace the light side of the Force.

From Ahsoka Tano

  • Use the Force to sprint faster and double jump.
  • Use the Force to push objects and players away.

The Ahsoka Tano holograms, Jedi Training Lightsaber, and Force abilities will remain in Battle Royale until v26.30.

Reality Augment Updates

For all the deadeyes out there, v26.20 introduces the Marksman Headshots Reality Augment. With this Reality Augment activated, your Marksman Rifle headshots will deal increased damage!

Get moving after you land your shot — the More Parkour and Soaring Sprints Reality Augments are unvaulted in v26.20. Activate More Parkour to briefly regenerate your Energy each time you mantle, and activate Soaring Sprints to jump higher and with lower gravity while sprinting.

Competitive Notes

Rocket Ram in Tournaments

Dive into tournaments with a new, tournament-only version of the Rocket Ram!

In tournaments, the Rocket Ram will only have 3 finite charges until the item automatically disappears from your inventory. The cooldown between uses will be the same as the regular Rocket Ram — as well as other features and values. Choose when to use your charges wisely!

Please note that this alternate version of the Rocket Ram will only be available in tournaments and that the non-tournament Rocket Ram is unchanged.

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