Patch Notes for LEGO Fortnite v29.00

v29.00 comes to LEGO Fortnite on March 8! Thought you’ve honed your LEGO building skills to perfection? Well keep the building going! Starting March 9 (the day after the update), you’ll be able to “unbox” your very first LEGO Kits inspired by iconic OG Fortnite locations and iconic LEGO Building Sets.

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Catching Fish

After v28.30, we’re sure many of you are experts at fishing. Turk would be proud! As promised, you can now display the Legendary fish you’ve caught.

LEGO Styles for More Outfits

In v29.00, many Fortnite Outfits are getting a LEGO Style for the first time! These fan favorites are just a few of them:

  • Beach Bomber
  • Brite Agent
  • Burnout
  • Chomp Sr
  • Hime
  • Marshmello
  • Maven
  • Spider Knight
  • Toxic Trooper
  • Vertex

LEGO Kits Enter the Item Shop

LEGO Kits are coming to the Fortnite Shop on March 9 at 7 PM ET! LEGO Kits include Builds, Building Parts, or Decor items. With the LEGO Kit bundles below, check out what you can start adding to your Villages!

The Beachside Boulevard Bundle costs 1,900 V-Bucks and includes:

  • LEGO Kit with 7 Builds
  • LEGO Kit with 44 Decor items

The Durrr Burger Bundle costs 2,000 V-Bucks and includes:

  • LEGO Kit with 3 Builds
  • LEGO Kit with 41 Decor items

The Lion Knights’ Castle Bundle comes to the Shop on March 16 at 8 PM ET and can be purchased for 2,500 V-Bucks. It includes:

  • LEGO Kit with 10 Builds
  • LEGO Kit with 64 Decor items

Builds, Building Parts, and Decor items are available in your LEGO Fortnite Build Menu after purchase, and require resources to be built in Survival worlds. This content can be placed in:

  • Your worlds
  • Up to eight of your friends' worlds per week

Yes, you can use the stuff in your LEGO Kit in both your worlds and friends’ worlds, so share the fun! Content in LEGO Kits does not grant a gameplay advantage. Also, alongside LEGO Kits, free Builds, Building Parts, and Decor items will continue to be added to LEGO Fortnite over time!

Major Bug Fixes and Adjustments


  • Your constructs are less likely to break unexpectedly. We’re continuing to work on this issue, especially when it comes to constructs inside caves.
  • Wheel attachments will no longer teleport and damage constructs.
  • Players will no longer teleport as a result of getting up from a chair.
  • Villagers assigned to the Loom will no longer give incorrect resources.
  • Villagers following you can now follow you on stairs!


  • Crashes are less likely when you’re exiting caves.
  • General crashes are less likely.

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