Players will soon take damage if they are in a plane when it is destroyed

The new X-4 Stormwing was added to Fortnite with Season 7 and allows players to easily travel across Fortnite's map with very low risk to themselves. It now looks like this will change in a future update, however.

Fortnite's Design Lead, Eric Williamson, has confirmed over on Twitter that the team is looking into inflicting a small (undecided) amount of damage to passengers who are in a plane when it's destroyed:

This comes a few days after members of the FortniteBR subreddit upvoted a post from nkrog21 suggesting a penalty for being in a plane when it's destroyed, rather than simply allowing passengers to glide away unharmed:

What are your thoughts? Should you be punished for being in a plane when it's broken? We'll update this post if any release date is announced for this change.