Season 8: Week 9 Challenges available now

We have two more weeks remaining in Season 8, and with that comes just a couple more weeks of challenges. Here's what challenges players are going to need to complete for Week 9:

Free Challenges

  • Stage 1: Land at Loot Lake -> Stage 2: Land at Lucky Landing -> Stage 3: Land at Salty Springs -> Stage 4: Land at Lonely Lodge -> Stage 5: Land at Haunted Hills
  • Search chests at Polar Peak or Lonely Lodge (7)
  • Ride 3 different Volcano Vents without landing

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Stage 1: Dance between three ice sculptures -> Stage 2: Dance between three dinosaurs -> Stage 3: Dance between four hotsprings
  • Deal damage to opponents from below (500)
  • Revive a teammate at a Reboot Van
  • Eliminate an opponent in different matches (5)

Completing Week 9's challenges will reward you with the Week 9 Loading Screen, as seen below.

If you happen to be struggling with any of the challenges, @itsenergie has put together a cheat sheet to help you out!