Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Fortnite Edition Gaming Chair Review

Award-winning gaming chair specialist Secretlab has announced its latest partnership with Fortnite to launch the Fortnite collection. Secretlab sent me the new Battle Bus Edition of their TITAN Evo 2022 chair, arriving in perfect time for Season 4 of Fortnite, which launches next week.

After trying the Fortnite Battle Bus Edition of the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 gaming chair for a few weeks, I can confidently say it's by far the best chair I've used. From the moment you open the box, Secretlab delivers on the premium experience advertised, with all the components perfectly arranged to provide maximum protection during shipping. The head pillow, backrest and seat base are packed in protective heat seal bags and placed on top of the tilt mechanism and wheelbase, which are themselves both surrounded by thick foam to prevent movement. Assembly instructions are included on a large glossy piece of cardboard, with the reverse side featuring Fortnite-themed blueprints of the chair.

The accessories box containing tools, wheels and covers is in the style of a Fortnite Supply Drop, complete with 'Drop' and 'Fragile' stickers - just like the ones seen in-game.

Unique to the Fortnite Battle Bus Edition of the TITAN Evo 2022 chair, a redeemable code is also included, which, when claimed, rewards you with the 'Chipset' Wrap in-game.

Putting the chair together was a fairly simple task thanks to the online video guide linked in the box, along with some help from the giant instructions sheet. Once built, the chair looks and feels extremely premium, which is helped largely by Secretlab's Neo Hybrid Leatherette material. The adjustable Lumbar Support system, which is a new feature introduced with the 2022 edition of the TITAN Evo, makes this the comfiest chair I've used. It can be adjusted in four ways, allowing me to find the perfect setting to match the natural curvature of my spine. New Fortnite-themed Secretlab Memory Foam Lumbar Pillows are also available separately, but personally I prefer the built-in adjustable system.

In addition to the Lumbar Support system, the chair's armrests can also be adjusted in different ways. They can be moved in, out, forwards, backwards, up and down. Like the Lumbar Support system, the 4D armrests allowed me to find the perfect setup that felt comfortable and gave enough support to my elbows. The armrest tops can also be replaced using Secretlab's new CloudSwap system to change the designs and materials, although I am yet to test this out.

Also an upgrade in the 2022 edition, the Magnetic Memory Foam Head Pillow removes the need to fiddle with adjustment straps when moving it. It's incredibly easy to adjust without even looking, you just slide it up or down to find the perfect fit. The pillow itself is soft to touch and adds to the chair's comfy experience with the memory foam inside. The magnets used to attach the pillow to the backrest are perfect - not too strong so that it's difficult to move and not too weak so that it moves if you touch it.

The Fortnite theme is deeply integrated into the design of this chair, with the best part for me being the art on the seat's backrest. The disco-style Battle Bus flying through the storm looks incredible and is continued onto the front of the chair with storm clouds. The dark purple theme of the chair overall is pleasing to the eye without being boring. Hints of blue can also be found on the chair, which look great against the purple of the seat and black of the armrests.

The TITAN Evo 2022 really shines during long gaming sessions. The Pebble seat base provides excellent ergonomic support, which is something that can be seen throughout the chair. Combined with the Lumbar Support System (my favourite feature of the chair), the unique Pebble seat design provides comfort whilst supporting a healthy sitting position. The seat itself is made using Secretlab's own cold-cure foam mix, which is designed to distribute your weight evenly and relieve pressure during long hours of sitting. When testing the TITAN Evo, I found that long hours sat in the chair don't affect me at all, which is something I previously struggled with when using different chairs that often became uncomfortable after a short period of time. The easy-to-adjust design helps a lot. Everything can be changed from sitting in the seat itself, making quickly adjusting an armrest or the lumbar support a very easy thing to do.

Overall, I'd highly recommend this chair to anyone who is a fan of Fortnite and spends long hours sat at their desk. The ergonomic design of the chair allows you to sit for hours without worrying about the affect it will have on your back. The Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 is the best gaming chair around.


To celebrate the launch of the TITAN Evo 2022 Fortnite Edition, we've teamed up with Secretlab to give away one Battle Bus chair to our readers! Full details of how to enter this giveaway can be found on our Twitter:

The Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Fortnite Edition is now available through Secretlab's website. Fortnite News was sent this product by the manufacturer for review.