Street Fighter returns to Fortnite for Round 2

Street Fighter has returned to Fortnite with brand new cosmetics to fight the aliens invading the Island in Season 7.

Fortnite Street Fighter Round 2 Loading Screen

Iconic Street Fighter characters Cammy and Guile will be joining Chun-Li and Ryu on the Fortnite Island on August 7th, when they will be available in the Item Shop.

An Overview of the Street Fighter: Round 2 cosmetics
New Guile Outfit with K.O Back Bling, Glistening Guile Variant & Built-in Emote
New Cammy Outfit with Borealis Backer Back Bling, Tactical Cammy Variant & Built-in Emote

The brand new Cammy & Guile Gear Bundle will also be available for players to purchase in the Item Shop on August 7th. It features; Guile’s Knuckle Buster Pickaxe, Cammy’s Delta Red Bowie Blade Harvesting Tool, and the V-Trigger Vector Glider.

The Street Fighter Cammy and Guile Bundle

The Cammy Cup

Players will have the opportunity to win the Cammy Outfit and her Back Bling before they become available in the Item Shop by competing in the new Cammy Cup on August 5th. The Duos Tournament will reward the top performing teams from each region with the Outfit and Back Bling, with any team that earns at least 8 points receiving a Loading Screen.

Fortnite Street Fighter Cammy Cup Tournament

The cup will be live for three hours in each region and the duos will have a maximum of ten games to earn as many points as they can.

You can read the full rules for the Cammy Cup here.