The Fortnite All Valley Cup takes place January 8

In celebration of the collaboration with Cobra Kai, Fortnite has announced the new All Valley Cup that will give players the chance to earn Sprays themed around the show.

The Cup is a solo competition and the top performing players in each region will earn different Cobra kai Sprays:

  • Top 50% in each region will earn the Cobra Kai Spray
  • Top 30% in each region will earn the Miyagi-Do & Cobra Kai Sprays
  • Top 10% in each region will earn the Eagle Fang, Miyagi-Do & Cobra Kai Sprays

All players will be able to compete in a total of ten matches across a window of three hours on January 8. The scoring system follows that of recent Cups, with a Victory Royale worth 30 points.

Anyone can participate by simply checking under the Compete Tab in-game for their region's three-hour window.

The in-game poster for the All Valley Cup

For more information, check out the official rules from the Fortnite website.

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