Thor Love and Thunder Set leaked, available tonight

Fortnite has unexpectedly decrypted a number of new Thor-themed cosmetics, preparing them to be available in the next Item Shop rotation. The Set is based on Marvel's latest movie 'Thor: Love and Thunder', which was released in the United States today.

The new Love and Thunder Set contains the following cosmetics:

  • Thor Odinson Outfit
  • Mighty Thor Outfit
  • Stormbreaker Pickaxe
  • Reformed Mjolnir Pickaxe
  • Thor's Cape Back Bling
  • Mighty Thor's Cape Back Bling
  • God's of Thunder Loading Screen
  • Bring The Hammer Down Emote
  • Mjolnir's Flight Glider
  • Stormbreaker's Flight Glider

All of the cosmetics listed above will be available through a single Bundle in the Item Shop, with no items sold separately.

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