Upcoming cosmetics found in Fortnite Patch v7.10 game files

Another patch means another set of cosmetics coming soon. Data miners have found a number of new skins in the game files which we should expect to see release over the coming weeks.

This patch included a large number of heavily encrypted files which leakers are unlikely to be able to get into. We'll have a lot of surprises in the item shop soon!

Interested in names, rarities and descriptions? Check fnbr.co. We'll update this post to feature them later today.

Update: Female DJ Yonder via @SkinTrackerCom:

Frozen Red Knight - Legendary
Frozen Love Ranger - Legendary
Frozen Raven - Legendary
Tinseltoes - Uncommon
Cloaked Shadow - Epic

This post will be updated if any additional skins are found. Stay tuned.

SOURCE: @lucas7yoshi_, @yzbeats and @iRealCross