Upcoming cosmetics found in Patch v6.02 files

Patch v6.02 was released today and a number of cosmetics have already been datamined. With Epic starting to heavily encrypt certain items, this isn't an exhaustive list of everything to come but should give a good taste. Here's a look at what to expect over the next few weeks:

Update: Names and rarities have now been added via fnbr.co

Jack Gourdon (Epic)
Skull Ranger (Rare)
Skull Trooper (Epic)
Scourge (Epic)
Plague (Epic)
Bullseye (Uncommon)
Hollowhead (Epic)
Cryptic Cruiser (Epic)
Lamplight (Rare)
Dismal Cape (Epic)
Arcanum (Epic)
Mouldering Cape (Epic)
Ghost Portal (Epic)
Ghost Portal (Epic)
Electro Swing (Rare)
Headbanger (Rare)
Behold! (Uncommon)
Sprinkler (Epic)
Skull Scythe (Epic)
Herald's Wand (Rare)
Carver (Rare)