Chapter 3, Season 3: Cinematic and Gameplay Trailers Revealed

Fortnite has released two new trailers for Season 3 ahead of its launch, which is expected to happen any minute now.

Cinematic Trailer

The Cinematic trailer introduced us to the aftermath of Collision, with the Island now celebrating its victory over the Imagined Order. Despite being damaged in the events of Collision, the Zero Point appears to be somewhat stable and can now be found underwater. While showcasing the new Battle Pass characters, the cinematic also gave us our first look at the reworked Baller vehicle, which can now be used on tracks placed all around the map. Towards the end of the trailer, the camera zoomed out of 'The Loop' surrounding the Island and quickly presented a new evil character before flashing to Season 3's key art.

Gameplay Trailer

Created specifically to showcase most new gameplay changes in Season 3, the second trailer opens with an introduction to the new ability of riding Wolves. A number of new points of interest are also presented in the trailer, including Reality Tree, updated Greasy Grove, Groovy Grove and more. Along with the POIs, a number of new items could also be seen in the trailer. The Grapple Glove, updated Junk Rift, Baller vehicle and more can all be spotted. Epic also teased a mythic force ability for Darth Vader at the end of the video, which is expected to be introduced to the game later this Season.

Season 3 is expected to go live any minute now. We'll keep you updated.

In other news, the Darth Vader Outfit has been leaked in-game. (click to read)

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