Chapter 3 Season 3: Week 8 Quests available now

Week 8 of Chapter 3 Season 3 has officially begun and a new set of Quests are now available to complete.

Week 8 Quests

  • Damage opponents with a vehicle within 5 seconds of honking (1)
  • Damage an opponent with a weapon obtained from fishing (1)
  • Deal explosive damage while looking away (1)
  • Destroy 5 structures with a single shot of the Ripsaw Launcher (1)
  • Find the coolest player on the Island (1)
  • Make opponents dance with boogie Bombs (3)
  • Throw a Fish into water (1)

Completing the Week 8 Quests will reward players with a total of 234,000 XP, with 15,000 earned for each completed quest and 129,000 available through Bonus Goals.

For those struggling to complete any of the new Quests, players can use unofficial video guides for help. Here's one from Comrad3s on YouTube:

In other news, Fortnite has officially revealed the August 2022 Crew Pack: Wolverine Zero. Click here to read more.

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