Chapter 3 Season 4: Week 8 Quests available now

Week 8 of Chapter 3 Season 4 has officially begun and a new set of Quests are now available to complete.

Week 8 Quests

  • Collect weapons from eliminated opponents (2)
  • Deal damage to opponents using Shotguns from 15 meters away or less (100)
  • Hit an opponent with a FireFly Jar (1)
  • Launch into the air using Launch pads in different matches (3)
  • Mark a weapon, a vehicle and a fish in a single match (3)
  • Search Produce Boxes, Ice Machines, or Coolers (5)
  • Throw Cow Catchers or Off-Road Tyres (3)

Completing the Week 8 Quests will reward players with a total of 140,000 XP, with 20,000 awarded for each Quest.

In other news, the new Dial-A-Drop item can now be found in-game. Click here to read more.

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