Chapter 4 Season 2 Removes Supply Drops from Fortnite

With the release of Chapter 4 Season 2 last week, Fortnite has removed Supply Drops from all core modes, replacing them with the new 'Combat Caches'.

Although their removal wasn't mentioned by Epic in the official Season 2 Patch Notes, players quickly noticed that Supply Drops no longer appear in-game. Surprisingly, Supply Drops were one of the few elements of Fortnite to survive all 23 seasons, making their recent vaulting all the more unexpected.

The vaulting of Supply Drops may seem random, but they've actually been replaced by the new Combat Caches introduced this season. Combat Caches work in a similar way to Supply Drops, but with a few differences:

  • Combat Caches instantly spawn on the ground and do not slowly descend like Supply Drops.
  • Combat Caches contain guaranteed Legendary, Epic or Rare weapons depending on how fast you open the container from when it appears.
  • The location of each new Combat Cache is pinged on the map for all players in the match.
  • Combat Caches take one minute to unlock by standing nearby.
  • Combat Caches begin to spawn once the third circle has formed.
The Combat Cache

Since the Caches are a new feature, it's unknown how long they will remain in-game for or if Supply Drops will return later in the season. We'll keep you updated.

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