Fortnite: Upcoming Reality Augments Leaked

Following the v24.00 update last week, data miners have discovered new Reality Augments in the files that aren't live in-game yet.

Expected to arrive with Fortnite's next update, the following Reality Augments have been leaked:

  • Go For Broke - Receive a Charge Shotgun & Flint-Knock Pistol
  • Game Time - Receive Pizza Party and Chug Splash consumables
  • Trackers Armory - Receive a Shadow Tracker and Flare Gun
  • Springtime Blowout - Receive an Egg Launcher
  • Rail Warrior - Heal when riding in Grind Rails
  • Aquatic Warrior (description unknown)

The first update of Season 2 is scheduled to be released next week, on March 21st. We'll keep you updated if more Reality Augments are revealed.

Source: ShiinaBR

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