Chapter 4 Season 3 Will End Without a Live Event

It looks like Chapter 4 Season 3 will be ending without a live event, as suggested by the lack of event files added with yesterday's v25.30 update.

Unlike the final updates of previous seasons that included events, v25.30 did not add any large encrypted events to the files. Unfortunately for players who follow the game's storyline, this confirms there will be no live event before Chapter 4 Season 4, which is set to launch on August 25th.

So far, no live events have taken place during Chapter 4. According to leakers, the next event will be Chapter 4's finale in late November, introducing us to the fifth Battle Royale Island. In previous Chapters, live events would take place at the end of every Season. This was later reduced to once every two Seasons, which resulted in just two events per year. Epic Games appears to have shifted their focus away from events in order to work on other projects - a decision which suggests something big could be in the works.

Data miners recently found evidence that a live event was originally planned for Chapter 4 Season 3, but got scrapped. This can't be confirmed as leakers disagree on what the files are for, but it would explain the lack of an event for the current Season.

Epic Games has not revealed anything about Chapter 4 Season 4, but is expected to do so very soon. Official teasers will be shared next week. We'll keep you updated.

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