Clint Barton and Kate Bishop join Fortnite in latest Marvel collaboration

Clint Barton and Kate Bishop, the main characters from Marvel's Hawkeye show on Disney Plus, have arrived in the Fortnite Item Shop along with a new set of cosmetics.

The Hawkeye Set

  • Clint Barton Outfit
  • Kate Bishop Outfit
  • Hawkguy's Arsenal Back Bling
  • Kate's Quiver Back Bling
  • Taut Slicer Pickaxe
  • Pickross Bow Pickaxe
  • Aerial Archer Glider
  • Hawkeyes Loading Screen

The cosmetics can be purchased through the new Hawkeye Bundle, which also includes a Bundle-exclusive Loading Screen, or individually.

The 'Hawkeyes' Loading Screen

Click here to view the full Item Shop.

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