Donald Mustard teases Season 3 with new Twitter Banner

Epic Games Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard has teased Chapter 3, Season 3 of Fortnite through some changes to his Twitter profile.

The image that replaced Mustard's previous Twitter banner is a close-up of what appears to be a LEGO Star Wars AT-AT. The new image follows a number of similar Star Wars-related posts that have all been shared recently - specifically within the past two months.

As proven earlier today with the Fortnite x Pac-Man announcement, Donald Mustard is always teasing the game's future through social media posts. Using the new banner and previous leaks, we can say it's likely that we'll see the Star Wars AT-AT arrive in Fortnite during Season 3. We'll keep you updated.

In other news, the PlayStation Cup returns to Fortnite this week.

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