Epic reveals there are now over 500 Million Epic Games accounts

In a blog posted to the Unreal Engine website on Wednesday, Epic Games has revealed that there are now over 500 million registered Epic Games accounts. It's a significant milestone as Epic grows through its free game giveaways, collaborations and store deals. Although the 500 million accounts don't come close to Steam's 1 billion, Epic continues to build its store as a competitor to the platform. The blog also revealed that an impressive 2.7 billion friend connections have been made across Fortnite, Rocket League and the Epic Games Store.

Credit: Epic Games

Since launching in December 2018, the Epic Games Store has grown to feature over 450 titles for 31.3 million daily users. [source]

In addition to the 500 million Epic Games accounts, the blog also shared a number of other interesting statistics; including a 40% increase in Unreal Engine downloads, 32 million downloads of Quixel assets and 7 million Sketchfab users:

  • 40% increase in Unreal Engine downloads
    "As the appetite for 3D experiences grows, so does the need for creators to build them. We saw a huge uptick in the number of people downloading Unreal Engine last year, with total downloads increasing nearly 40% since the end of 2020."
  • Over 1 million MetaHumans created
    "Revealed last February, this free cloud-based app empowers anyone to create photorealistic digital humans, complete with hair and clothing, in minutes. To date, over one million MetaHumans have been created."
  • 7 million Sketchfab users
    "In July 2021, Epic joined forces with Sketchfab, a platform designed to publish, share, discover, buy and sell 3D, VR, and AR content. Its viewer enables users to display 3D models on the web, to be viewed on any mobile browser, desktop browser, or virtual reality headset. Content creators are making the most of this amazing resource—the number of Sketchfab members recently passed the seven million mark."
  • 32 million downloads of Quixel assets
    "As well as providing open access to tools like MetaHuman Creator and Sketchfab, there are hundreds of thousands of high-quality assets available through the Unreal Engine Marketplace and Quixel Bridge for easy content creation. Unreal Marketplace customers grew by over 50% in 2021."
  • 48% of announced next-gen games are built on Unreal Engine
    "48% of announced next-gen games are being built on Unreal Engine, and our community scored some huge wins at The Game Awards 2021, with 19 Unreal Engine-powered games nominated across 21 categories. Unreal Engine titles took home nine wins–including Game of the Year."
Credit: Epic Games

You can view Epic's Unreal Engine blog post here.

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