Every Daily Item Shop Until June 11 Leaked

Following the leak of every 'Featured' Item Shop until June 11th earlier today, data miners have revealed which cosmetics will be sold in the 'Daily' section for the next four weeks of rotations.

The Daily sections for every Item Shop until June 11th are as follows:

May 15th

  • Party Hips Emote
  • Tsssss Emote
  • Iri-Decadent Emote
  • Relax Axe Pickaxe
  • Windwalker Echo Outfit
  • Instinct Outfit

May 16th

  • Sackin' Emote
  • Slick Emote
  • Lil' Mower Emote
  • Nautilus Glider
  • Vulture Outfit
  • Renegade Outfit

May 17th

  • Sproing! Emote
  • Dance Therapy Emote
  • Electro Shuffle Emote
  • Waypoint Outfit
  • Scarlet Defender Outfit

May 18th

  • Fort Knighted Emote
  • Lil' Bounce
  • Nite Life Wrap
  • Star Wand Pickaxe
  • Astra Outfit

May 19th

  • Bubblegum Wrap
  • Prismatic Glider
  • Supersonic Outfit
  • Clash Outfit

May 20th

  • Heart Attach Emote
  • Core Wrap
  • Hot Ride Glider
  • Synth Star Outfit
  • Bullseye Outfit

May 21st

  • Slow Clap Emote
  • Hot & Cold Wrap
  • Choppa Glider
  • Arctica Outfit
  • Jones Unchained Outfit

May 22nd

  • Jumbo Popcorn Emote
  • Made You Look Emote
  • Fresh Cut Pickaxe
  • Starcross Glider
  • Munitions Expert Outfit
  • Match Point Outfit

May 23rd

  • Eureka! Emote
  • Spring-Loaded Emote
  • Homebots Wrap
  • Half Shell Glider
  • Rio Grande Outfit
  • Recon Ranger Outfit

May 24th

  • Poof Emote
  • Slingshot Outfit
  • Moisty Merman Outfit
  • Retro Stripe Wrap
  • Make It Plantain Emote

May 25th

  • Lock It Up Emote
  • Sunset Slurp Wrap
  • Ruckus Outfit
  • Googly Glider
  • Jungle Scout Outfit

May 26th

  • Waddle Away Emote
  • Squat Kick Emote
  • Cryptic Outfit
  • Scorpion Outfit

May 27th

  • Staff Stand Emote
  • Golden Scales Emote
  • It Was All A Dream Music Pack
  • Prickly Patroller Outfit
  • Dark Vanguard Outfit

May 28th

  • Assault Trooper Outfit
  • Bachii Outfit
  • Stop Axe Pickaxe
  • Sugar Rush Emote
  • Bubbly Wrap
  • Waterworks Emote

May 29th

  • Swamp Stalker Outfit
  • Princess Felicity Fish Outfit
  • Battle Axe Pickaxe
  • Wiggle Wild Music Pack
  • Rock Paper Scissors Emote
  • Face Palm Emote

May 30th

  • NEW: 'devotion' Emote
  • Raise The Roof Emote
  • Zephyr Glider
  • Krakenaxe Pickaxe
  • Flutter Outfit
  • Munitions Major Outfit

May 31st

  • NEW: 'devotion' Emote
  • Gia Outfit
  • Lamp Pickaxe
  • Blue Camo Wrap
  • Have a Seat Emote
  • B.R.U.T.E. Navigator Outfit

June 1st

  • Revel Emote
  • Essence Wrap
  • Lil' Carpet Ride Emote
  • Recon Specialist Outfit
  • Marius Outfit

June 2nd

  • Mel Outfit
  • Criterion Outfit
  • Llama Conga Emote
  • Wiggle Emote
  • Jazz Hands Emote

June 3rd

  • Brush Your Shoulders Emote
  • Lotus Star Wrap
  • Pure Salt Emote
  • Death Valley Pickaxe
  • Nightwitch Outfit
  • Castaway Jonesy Outfit

June 4th

  • On Your Marks... Emote
  • Something Stinks Emote
  • Splinterstrike Pickaxe
  • Man O' War Glider
  • Slurpentine Outfit

June 5th

  • Amazing Cube Emote
  • Very Sneaky Emote
  • Relaxed Fit Jonesy Outfit
  • Envoy Outfit

June 6th

  • NEW: 'disintegrate' Emote
  • Jugglin' Emote
  • Orbital Shuttle Glider
  • Flycatcher Pickaxe
  • Master Minotaur Outfit

June 7th

  • NEW: 'disintegrate' Emote
  • Spyglass Emote
  • Shadow Ops Outfit
  • Devastator Outfit

June 8th

  • Air Horn Emote
  • Team Space Emote
  • Tea Time Emote
  • Fennix Outfit
  • Wild Gunner Outfit

June 9th

  • Where Ya Going? Emote
  • Mime Time Emote
  • Salty Glow Wrap
  • Disco Brawl Pickaxe
  • Triggerfish Outfit
  • Tango Outfit

June 10th

  • Bring It Emote
  • Kite! Emote
  • Dogfight Wrap
  • Gold Digger Pickaxe
  • Magnus Outfit
  • Sandshark Driver Outfit

June 11th

  • T-Pose Emote
  • Jug Band Emote
  • Tai Chi Emote
  • Funk Ops Outfit
  • Shimmer Specialist Outfit

Although this leak does include the codenames of some new cosmetics, it does not reveal any future crossovers. This is because they appear in their own Item Shop sections, separate from the 'Daily' items.

As is the case with all leaks, this information could change before the Item Shops go live. We'll keep you updated.

Source: ItsADAMO_, NotJulesDev

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