Fortnite 'Academy Champions' Outfits Leaked, Available June 2

A new set of ten 'Academy Champions' Outfits has been leaked following last week's v24.40 update.

The new set contains the following cosmetic items:

  • Midterm Maverick Outfit
  • Studious Scout Outfit
  • Striker Senpai Outfit
  • Ace Academic Outfit
  • Sporty Skirmisher Outfit
  • Victory Valedictorian Outfit
  • Prefect Patroller Outfit
  • Rebel Rival Outfit
  • Varsity Vanguard Outfit
  • Culture Club Commander Outfit
  • Scholar Slashers Pickaxe
  • 8-Bit Champions Back Bling
  • Banner Bearer Wrap
  • Clash of the Academies Loading Screen

All Academy Champion Outfits are extremely customisable, with everything from the shoes to the shading effects having styles in the locker. This is the first time an Outfit in Fortnite has had the option to swap between cel and gradient shading. The hair and clothing colours for each Outfit can also be changed.

Image via Stealthy

The Outfits are expected to cost 1,600 V-Bucks each, the Pickaxe 800, the Back Bling 400 and the Wrap 500. The full set will be available in the Item Shop from June 2, 2023.

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