Fortnite accidentally enables Grapple Glove in Arena mode

Fortnite has accidentally enabled the new Grapple Glove item in Arena mode, approximately two hours before it's set to be officially released.

The new item works in the same way as Spider-Man's Web-Shooters. You can watch gameplay of the Glove below:

Although the Glove only includes 10 uses in Arena mode, 30 will be available to players who find the item in Zero Build, Battle Royale and any other Limited Time Modes featuring the item. Despite its early arrival in competitive playlists, the Grapple Glove is still expected to be released properly in less than two hours, at 2pm BST.

We'll keep you updated with Patch Notes once the hotfix goes live.

In other news, the Rogue Alias Starter Pack is available now. (click to read)

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