Fortnite: All leaked Outfits from Epic Games' Surveys

This article contains all of the Outfits found in Epic Games' surveys that have yet to be added to Fortnite.

New Characters

Outfits that use a completely new design.

Remixed Characters

Outfits that remix a design that already exists in Fortnite.

Molten Axo
Remixed Peely
Christmas Guff
Remixed Luxe
Remixed Ruby
Remixed Crackshot/Fishstick
Remixed Tomatohead
Remixed Omega
Male Manic
Remixed Oro
Remixed Cuddle Team Leader
Remixed Dark Vanguard
Shadow Dream
Remixed Cryptic
Remixed Wild Card
Remixed Fishstick
Remixed Skye
Christmas Aerial Assault Trooper
Remixed Moniker
Female Wild Card
Molten Fallen Love Ranger
Halloween Fishstick
Toon Bushranger
Remixed Lynx
Remixed Midas
IO Master Key
IO Doggo
Remixed Penny
Female Eternal Voyager
Remixed Bullseye
Remixed Rox
Molten Komplex
Remixed Monks
Toon Brite Bomber
Toon Peely
Human Stoneheart

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