Fortnite Announces FNCS Community Cup with Free Outfit to be Earned

In celebration of the announcement of the Chapter 3 Fortnite Championship Series, Epic Games has announced the new FNCS Community Cup that will give players the chance to earn a brand new Outfit before it arrives in the Item Shop.

The new FNCS Community Cup will allow regular players to enjoy the events of the main Championship series by competing in their own matches on February 28.

This Duos event will have teams compete in 10 matches over a three-hour time window to try and earn the most points possible. Like most Fortnite cups, the top performing teams in each region will earn the 'FNCS 3:1 Champion' Outfit and 'Winner's Mark' Back Bling.

The Outfit and Back Bling have have not been leaked but are both expected to be added to the game files in next week's v19.30 update.

The official rules have yet to be posted by Epic but we'll keep this updated once they're released.

In other news, four of Fortnite's rarest cosmetics recently returned to the Item Shop. Click here to read more.

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