Fortnite announces Party Worlds for Creative Mode

Fortnite has announced 'Party Worlds' as the latest form of experiences through Creative Mode.

"We’d like to introduce you to the new Party Worlds experiences. These are experiences that are designed as places for players to hang out, play fun mini-games, and make new friends."

The Party Worlds are a type of Creative map that allows players to simply "hang out" and play fun mini-games, similarly to Epic's own Party Royale mode.

Epic has also collaborated with two Creative map builders, allowing them to build the first examples of Party Worlds.

Walnut World by fivewalnut

Island code: 9705-9549-4193

Adventure around Walnut World, an amusement park where you can hang out with your friends or make new ones!

Late Night Lounge by TreyJTH

Island code: 8868-0043-1912

Visit the late night lounge for a friendly and frivolous after hours adventure. Bring your friends, or make new ones!

In order to submit their own Party Worlds Creative Map to the Fortnite Discover Tab in-game, Creators are simply required to use the new "Party World" tag when submitting a map through the official form.

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