Fortnite: How to get the free Heartspan glider and Cuddle Hearts wrap

As of today's patch, there are two free items to collect in-game for a limited time. The Heartspan glider is available from now until Saturday, February 16th at 7pm ET (February 16th at 12am UTC) and you'll be able to pick up the Cuddle Hearts wrap until Friday, February 22nd.

Heartspan Glider

The Heartspan glider is available in the Item Shop for a price of 0 V-Bucks, but you'll need someone to gift it to you as you can't buy it for yourself. Simply swap with a friend if you're both interested in picking it up. Here's how:

Head to the Item Shop tab and select the 'Heartspan' panel
Select the 'Buy As A Gift' option to be taken to the gifting menu
Select a recipient, gift wrap, and leave a message. Once you confirm, your friend will receive a notification that they've been given the glider. Get them to do the same.

Cuddle Hearts Wrap

The Cuddle Hearts wrap is much easier to obtain as you can collect it on your own, no need to pester a friend. To get it, simply enter someone's Support A Creator code in the Item Shop and then restart your game. Here's how:

Head to the Item Shop tab and click 'Support a Creator' in the bottom right hand corner
Enter any creator code, ours is 'fnbr' if you'd like to support us, and click 'Accept'. That's it, you'll unlock the wrap after this is complete, no need to spend any V-Bucks. Restart your game if you don't receive it.