Fortnite Officially Announces Return to Chapter 1, Confirms Release Date

Epic Games has officially announced Battle Royale's return to Chapter 1, revealing a release date for the Mini-Season.

In an exciting post shared to Fortnite's official social accounts today, players got confirmation of Chapter 1's return, as well as assurance that both sprinting and mantling will remain in-game. The new teaser also confirms a November 3rd release date, with the in-game Battle Pass tab claims claiming downtime starts at 2 AM ET.

Epic hasn't officially revealed how long the Season will last for, but leaks suggest it will run for 4 weeks, until December 5th, when Chapter 5 launches. More official teasers are expected to be released next week. We'll keep you updated.

In other news, Epic Games has sent official Fortnite Chapter 1 teasers to creators. Click here to read more.

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