Fortnite Patch v8.10: All Known Issues

Here is a list of all known issues in Fortnite's v8.10 patch, so you can know if Epic Games is working on fixing any bugs you've run into! This is from a blog post on the official Fortnite site.

Battle Royale

  • On mobile, tapping anywhere to fire sometimes requires two taps instead of one.
  • Players may notice higher than normal ping in the debug UI. This appears to primarily be a visual only issue but we're continuing our investigations.
  • Event Leaderboards are showing Rank as 0. This is a visual only issue that will be resolved in a future release.
  • The new style for the Whiteout Outfit is currently locked. This will be resolved in a future update.
  • Keybinds for The Baller are unbound by default. New keybinds can be set in the Options menu.
  • Spectator count number is inaccurate, showing incorrect numbers.
  • Some players are experiencing an issue where they join a match and can hear the match audio, including the Battle Bus but all they see is themselves still at the lobby.


  • Jump momentum/speed issues, which are causing problems on certain Islands. We'll have a fix for this in the near future.
  • The Heavy AR is not spawning in Creative, causing issues with some Islands.

Are you experiencing an issue that’s not listed here? Let Epic know on any of their official social channels and please include information such as:

  • Description of the issue.
  • Account Name (optional)
  • Platform
  • Link to video or images
  • Include details on when this issue started happening.
  • Also, remember to submit feedback using the in-game Feedback button.While in-game, open the Options menu.Navigate to the Feedback Button.Create a Bug report to provide them with logs of the issue.