Fortnite Servers Down again, Millions of Players stuck at login screen

Epic Games' services have unexpectedly suffered from a major outage for the second time today, leaving Fortnite with login queues, matchmaking errors and login failures.

Fortnite's current status from Epic Games Public Status

The outage happened at 9PM (GMT), leaving millions of players around the world stuck in login queues or, for those who were already in-game, left waiting for matchmaking to begin. According to the Epic Games public status; Fortnite's game services, login, voice chat, matchmaking, stats, leaderboards, Item Shop and Crew are all suffering from the outage. Parties, friends and messaging have remained operational despite the issues.

Shortly after the initial server outage, at 9:30PM (GMT), Epic Games made the decision to take Fortnite's servers completely offline to investigate the issues.

As of now, Fortnite players are still waiting at the 'checking for updates' login screen and matchmaking does not work. We'll keep you updated once the servers return to their 'fully operational' status.

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